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FLOPPYFlash Emulator to replace legacy floppy disk drives
FLOPPYFlash Emulator to replace legacy floppy disk drives
Floppyflash replacing the NEC 3.5in 1.44MB Bezeless Slim Floppy Drive FD1238T
FLOPPYFlash Emulator
Floppyflash replacing the NEC 3.5in 1.44MB Bezeless Slim Floppy Drive FD1238T

FLOPPYFlash Emulator to replace legacy floppy disk drives

FLOPPYFlash Emulator to replace legacy floppy disk drives, using removable Compact Flash. No additional software or register changes are required to the legacy host. Network backup and restore capability supported through on board RJ45 ethernet port.

The FLOPPYFlash is available with SLIM-26, FLAT-34, 5.25” & 8 Shugart edge connector interfaces with full height and half height frames

The drive will replace both soft and hard sectored and may be set to operate at various data rates with the matching data encoding schemes, FM, MFM, or MMFM. Similarly, the emulated track configuration is programmable.

The FLOPPYFlash is designed as a drop in replacement to the industrial/ OEM & maintenance provider space. The FLOPPYFlash is not suitable for home/hobbyist usage.

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 FLOPPYFlash Datasheet

FLASH2GUI - Optional ethernet support for centralised backup & restore capability available removing the need to rotate media. Primary data storage is always written to the CF card. No software change to the host required.

More details on FLASH2GUI backup & restore software click here

Solid State Disks Ltd, design and manufacture the Solid State FLOPPYFlash™ drive

Manufacturer: Solid State Disk Ltd


The FLOPPYFlash is an industrial/OEM grade programmable hardware emulator that uses standard industrial Compact Flash card technology to provide a solid state, drop-in replacement for obsolete electromechanical floppy disk drives. The FLOPPYFlash is available with SLIM-26, FLAT-34, 5.25” & 8 Shugart edge connector interfaces with full height and half height frames.

Further the FLOPPYFlash drive will replace 3.5”, 5.25” or 8” drives, both soft and hard sectored and may be set to operate at various data rates with the matching data encoding schemes, FM, MFM, or MMFM. Similarly, the emulated track configuration is programmable.

The FLOPPYFlash product allows OEMs and service providers to have a quick, cost efficient solution to support their legacy system. The product’s configurable firmware allows a perfect host match, eliminating the need for any host hardware or software changes.

Please click the link below to see the Solid State Disks FLASH2GUI Youtube channel. This offers a demonstration of how the proprietary FLASH2GUI software used alongside the Network FLOPPYFlash drive can offer a a bit for bit image copy of the data allowing backup & restore network capability, alternative drive select options, and also capacity and blocks select features. 

The embedded Flash2GUI Image Editor allows image files (.img) to be sent from the FLOPPYFlash drive to a local onsite PC or server. Allowing the unpacking, editing, and repacking of the imaged file. This file can then be resent to the FLOPPYFlash drive as new data file.

Solid State Disks FLASH2GUI Youtube Channel here


  • Host hardware and software compatible
  • Fast efficient field replacement
  • Lower power consumption, noise and heat
  • Greatly increased reliability (MTBF) and media life
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime
  • Provides ability to store all files on a PC (.img bit for bit copy)
  • Provides ability to extract image and store folders on a PC
  • Significantly faster browsing of directories such as old message logs, change logs and file recipes.
  • Reduce media cost by reducing the CF as the primary backup media.  
  • Still able to provide second back up CF card in case of failure
  • Network Enabled FLOPPYFlash allows bit for bit image (.img) backup & restore direct to LAN
  • Provides ability to import & move files between hosts systems / tools easily*
  • Provides ability to edit files on a PC and transfer to the host via the FLOPPYFlash drive*  


  • Small footprint (3.5”) allows replacement of any 3.5” floppy drive, or any larger drive with a suitable adaptor. FLOPPYFlash will fit in any standard floppy drive slot using the same fixings.
  • The FLOPPYFlash is available with SLIM-26, FLAT-34, 5.25” & 8 Shugart edge connector interfaces with full height and half height frames.
  • Requires a single 5 Volt power supply
  • Firmware is field upgradeable via integral USB port.
  • Optional integration support, as required


Dimensions - 3.5” Floppy form factor – 102mm (4”) wide x 147mm (5.75”) long x 25mm (1”) high.

Compact Flash ConnectionStandard 3M header, with ejector, for Type 1 and 2 cards.

Power Requirement - 5 Volts only @ 0.8 Watts (Typical), with CF fitted. Connector matches floppy drive emulated.

Data Connection - Data cable connection is normally made to a 34 pin standard floppy edge connector at the rear of the FLOPPYFlash circuit board

Data Transfer Rate - 125kb/s to 500kb/s (Note: Data rate is linked to the coding method selected)

USB Port - Used for microcode load and real time diagnostics, eng setup.

Floppy Interface available with SLIM-26, FLAT-34, 5.25” & 8 Shugart edge connector interfaces with full height and half height frames.

(*The 5.25” legacy products use a cartridge tape as the storage media and are themselves floppy drive emulators for the Shugart™ floppy drives).

Note that the product names are the trademarks of each company listed.

Example Emulation Options
Note that the product names are the trademarks of each company listed.


Alps Electric
413, 713, 2124, 2124A, 2624-BKI, DF328N, DF334H012, DF334H021, DF334H022, DF334H031, DF334H035, DF334H040, DF334H066, DF334H068, DF334H089, DF334H090, DF334H101, DF334H121, DF334H151, DF334H192, DF334H901, DF334H911, DF334H914, DF334N019, DF334N020, DF334N038, DF334N053, DF334N062, DF334N064, DF334N066, DF334N113, DF334N120, DF334N122, DF334N124, DF334N178, DF334N902, DF354H012, DF354H021, DF354H022, DF354H031, DF354H035, DF354H040, DF354H066, DF354H068, DF354H089, DF354H090, DF354H101, DF354H121, DF354H151, DF354H192, DF354H901, DF354H911, DF354H914, DF354N019, DF354N020, DF354N038, DF354N053, DF354N062, DF354N064, DF354N066, DF354N113, DF354N120, DF354N122, DF354N124, DF354N178, DF354N902, DFC222B01, DFC222B02, DFC222B05, DFC642B01B, DFL413C04, DFP723A03, DFR723F18, DFR723F34, DFR723F43



6106, 6128, 6138



142, 143

221, 530, 531, 3361, 5201, 5501, 5511

Century Data

F-502L, FB-356, FB-357, FB-358, FB-502, FB-506, FG-356, FG-357, FG-358, FG-502, FG-506, FR-356, FR-357, FR-358, FR-502, FR-506, FZ-356, FZ-357, FZ-358, FZ-502, FZ-506


LR102061-MN, OMDT-23A, OSDA-01D, OSDA-14A, OSDA-30A, OSDA-31A, OSDA-31C, OSDA-39A, OSDA-40C, OSDA-51B, OSDA-52B, OSDA-53B, OSDA-59C, OSDA-59E, OSDA-77D, OSDA-81F, OSDA-85A, OSDA-90C, ODSA-903-U, OSDA-90G, OSDB-25C, OSDB-25G, OSDD-05B, OSDD-57, OSDD-57B, OSDE-48L, OSDQ-59C, OPDB-22A, U1DA-01A, U1DA-10A, U1DA-14A, U1DA-27A, U1DA-31B, U1DA-34F, V1DA-15A, V1DA-15B, V1DA-26A, V9DA-55A, V9DA-55B, V9DA-71B, X1DE-00A, X1DE-39R, Z1DE-48A, Z1DE-53A, Z1DE-54A, Z1DE-55A, Z1DE-57A, Z1DE-58A, Z1DE-62A, Z1DE-62B, Z1DE-64A

Control Data
CDC9404, CDC9406-3, CDC9406-4, CDC9408, CDC9409, CDC9409T, CDC428, CDC9428-1, CDC9428-2, CDC9429, CDC9429-1


RX01, RX02, RX33, RX50-AA


SMD-170, 180, 200P-053, 200P-055, 200P-074, SMD-240L, SMD-280, SMD-280L, SD-300, SD-321, SD-340, SMD-400, 400-P, SD-500, SD-521, SD-521L, SD-600, SD-621L, SD-680L, SD-700, SD-800, SMD-489M, 1000, 1000P, SMD-1040, SMD-1100, SMD-1300, SMD-1340


2551K, 2552A, 2553K, 2554K, M2537K, N02-B0112-B001, N02B-0112-B201


HFD-305S, FD532EIU, FDD412A

548-25, 548-50, 548-A, 596-10







Matsushita Panasonic
EME-263TL, EME-278T, EME-278TA, JU-226A-033FC, JU-226A-053FC, JU-226A-131FC, JU-226A-142FC, JU-226A-192FC, JU-226A-242FC, JU-226A-252FC, JU-226A-243FC, JU-226A-273FC, JU-226A-282FC, JU-226A-343FC, JU-226A-363FC, JU-226A-383FC, JU-253-011P, JU-253-043P, JU-253-201P, JU-253-263P, JU-256A-046P, JU-256A-048P, JU-256A-067P, JU-256A-068P, JU-256A-096P, JU-256A-178P, JU-256A-198P, JU-256A-216P, JU-256A-217P, JU-256A-226P, JU-256A-227P, JU-256A-228P, JU-256A-236P, JU-256A-276P, JU-256A-286P, JU-256A-296P, JU-256A-316P, JU-256A-346P, JU-256A-347P, JU-256A-376P, JU-256A-428P, JU-256A-446P, JU-256A-488P, JU-256A-527P, JU-256A-528P, JU-256A-747P, JU-256A-798P, JU-256A-867P, JU-256A-868P, JU-256A-888P, JU-256K-091P, JU-257-03P, JU-257-09P, JU-257-134P, JU-257A-023P, JU-257A-043P, JU-257A-081P, JU-257A-083P, JU-257A-084P, JU-257A-101P, JU-257A-103P, JU-257A-104P, JU-257A-133P, JU-257A-134P, JU-257A-135P, JU-257A-136P, JU-257A-137P, JU-257A-194P, JU-257A-216P, JU-257A-217P, JU-257A-243P, JU-257A-293P, JU-257A-294P, JU-257A-364P, JU-257A-433P, JU-257A-434P, JU-257A-436P, JU-257A-453P, JU-257A-525P, JU-257A-526P, JU-257A-534P, JU-257A-566P, JU-257A-567P, JU-257A-605P, JU-257A-606P, JU-257A-607P, JU-257A-624P, JU-257A-655P, JU-257A-687P, JU-257A-726P, JU-257A-746P, JU-257A-796P, JU-257A-826P, JU-257A-827P, JU-257A-916P, JU-257A-936P, JU-257T-234P, JU-268A-016C, JU-268A-026C, JU-363-03, JU-363-272, JU-364-252, JU-455-7, JU-455-8, JU-475-2, JU-475-3, JU-475-4, JU-475-5


M700, M750

1006-4N, 1015-2, 1015-4, 1015-6, 1016-2, 1115-4, 1115-5, 1115-6, 1117-6


2894, 2894-63, 2896, 2896-63, 353AF, 353B-12, 353B-82, 353C, 353-12, 355B-52, 355B-82UF, 355B-88UF, 355BA-82UF/W51/4, 355BA-88UF/W51/4, 355C-12, 355C-37/W51/4, 355C-58UF, 355C-82UF/W51/4, 355C-88UF/W51/4, 355C-215, 355C-222, 355C-258MC, 355C-352, 355C-526, 355C-599MA (PS/2), 355C-599MB (PS/2), 355C-599MQ41 (PS/2), 355C-599MQ4 (PS/2), 355F-258, 355W-99M1 (PS/2), 355W-99M2 (PS/2), 355W-99M3 (PS/2), 356C-799MA (PS/2), 4851, 4852, 4853, 4854, 501A, 501B, 501C, 503, 504A, 504B, 504C, 504S

D359C, D359T2, D359T3, D359T5, D503, D509V

501, 502B, 51M, 52M, 52S, 91M, 92M-002, B101M-S, B102M-S, B51S, B52S, B91S, B92M, B92S


FD1035, FD1036A, FD1037A, FD1053, FD1055, FD1137C, FD1137D, FD1137H, FD1138C, FD1139C, FD1139H, FD1148H, FD1155C, FD1157C, FD1158C, FD1165A, FD1165FQ, FD1165F, FD1165H, FD1165S, FD1231H, FD1231M, FD1231T, FD1238H, FD1238T, FD3238T, FD3238H, FD5138A

Newtronics Mitsumi
D353F2, D353F3, D353G, D353M3D, D357, D357B, D359C, D359K, D359M3D, D359P3, D359T2, D359T3, D359T5, D359T6, D359T7, D503V, D509V, D509V2, D509V3


3305, 3305BU, 3305U, 3315B

4311, 4311-3


JU-226A-031F, JU-227A, JU-237A-03W, JU-253, JU-256A, JU257A, 257 W/FRAME, 257A, JU-455-7, JU-465, JU-475-3AEG, JU-475-4AEG, JU-475-5AEG, 551, 595

277(6N), 299

FD200, FD250, FD400, FD410, FD500, FD510, FD511, FD514-U2, FD650

3121, 3132, 3133, 3134


142, 242, 542, 592, 841, 842, DT/5, DT/8


RFD-2000, RFD-4000, RFD-480

5100, RF8160


SFD-321B, SFD-321D, SFD-321J, SFD-321S, SFD-321U, SFD-500K, SFD-500P, SFD-560D, SFD-560K, SFD-900E

500C, FDA5200


Shugart Associates
SA200, SA210, SA215, SA300, SA390, SA400, SA400L, SA410 SA450, SA455, SA460, SA465, SA475, SA511, SA561, SA800-1, SA800-1R, SA800-2, SA800-2R, SA800-4, SA801, SA801-R, SA810, SA850, SA850R, SA851, SA851R, SA860, SA860-1, SA900-1, SA901

FDD100-5, FDD100-8, FDD200-8, FDD121-5, FDD196-5

17W, 17W-5PF, 17W-5PF, 17W-10, 17W-34, 17W-42, 17W-WFP, 17W-90, 40W-00, 40W-9E, 53W, 63W, 73W, 73W-34D, 75W, 77W, 120-04, 420-6, MFD51W, MPF-11W, MPF-120, MPF-17W, MPF-22A, MPF-40W, MPF-420, MPF-42A, MPF-520, MPF-52A, MPF-52W, MPF-53W, MPF-63W, MPF-720, MPF-73W, MPF-75W, MPF-802, MPF-820, MPF-82E, MPF-88E, MPF-920, MPF-92A, MPF-929, MPF-11W, MPF-120, MPF-17W, MPF-22A, MP-F40W, MP-F420, MP-F42A, MP-F520, MP-F52A, MP-F52W, MP-F53W, MP-F63W, MP-F720, MP-F73W, MP-F75W, MP-F802, MP-F820, MP-F82E, MP-F88E, MP-F920, MP-F92A, MP-F929, OAOD33V, OAOD-39V


TM-65, TM-65-2L, TM-100, TM-100-2A, TM-101, TM-101-3, TM-848, TM-848-2A

FD-04HG, FD-04HG-2600, FD-05HF-030, FD-05HF-230, FD-05HF-245, FD-05HF-630, FD-05HF-2301, FD-05HF-4630, FD-05HF-4646, FD-05HF-532U, FD-05HF-5630, FD-05HF-5640, FD-05HF-8630, FD-05HF-8830, FD-05HG-S, FD-05HG-1661, FD-05HG-2668, FD-05HG-5630, FD-05HG-5661, FD-05HG-5668, FD-05HG-5686, FD-05HG-5717, FD-05HG-5719, FD-05HG-5721, FD-05HG-5727, FD-05HG-5728, FD-05HG-5735, FD-05HG-5753, FD-05HG-5754, FD-05HG-5757, FD-05HG-7728, FD-05HG-7748, FD-05HG-7757, FD-05HG-7767, FD-05HG-7778, FD-05HG-7787, FD-05HG-8748, FD-05HG-8787, FD-05HG-8797, FD-05HG-8849, FD-05HG-8861, FD-05HGS-750, FD-05HGS-850, FD-55A, FD-55B, FD-55BV, FD-55E, FD-55F, FD-55FR, FD-55G, FD-135HFN-410, FD-135HFN-411, FD-135HFN-416, FD-135HFN-419, FD-135HFN-422, FD-135HFN-800, FD-135HFN-801, FD-135HFN-804, FD-135HFN-807, FD-135HFN-809, FD-135HFN-890, FD-135HFN-891, FD-135HFN-897, FD-235F, FD-235F-3100U, FD-235F-3112U, FD-235F-3405U, FD-4112U, FD-235F-4405U, FD-235GF, FD-235GS, FD-235HF-100, FD-235HF-230, FD-235HF-235U5, FD-235HF-237, FD-235HF-630, FD-235HF-1219, FD-235HF-1229, FD-235HF-1240, FD-235HF-1291, FD-235HF-2217, FD-235HF-2235, FD-235HF-283, FD-235HF-710, FD-235HF-713, FD-235HF-3100, FD-235HF-3106, FD-235HF-3112, FD-235HF-3165, FD-235HF-3201, FD-235HF-3201U, FD-235HF-3217, FD-235HF-3217U, FD-235HF-3218, FD-235HF-3229, FD-235HF-3240, FD-235HF-3240U, FD-235HF-3267, FD-235HF-3269, FD-235HF-3291, FD-235HF-3291U, FD-235HF-3405, FD-235HF-3433, FD-235HF-3700, FD-235HF-3713, FD-235HF-3822, FD-235HF-3823, FD-235HF-3975, FD-235HF-975-20, FD-235HF-4112, FD-235HF-4201, FD-235HF-4201U, FD-235HF-4217, FD-235HF-4217U, FD-235HF-4229, FD-235HF-4240, FD-235HF-4240U, FD-235HF-4291, FD-235HF-4291U, FD-235HF-4405, FD-235HF-4429, FD-235HF-4440, FD-235HF-4491, FD-235HF-4473, FD-235HF-4808, FD-235HF-5229, FD-235HF-5240, FD-235HF-5240U, FD-235HF-5291, FD-235HF-5291U, FD-5307U, FD-235HF-5429, FD-235HF-5429U, FD-235HF-5440, FD-235HF-5491, FD-235HF-5510, FD-235HF-5529-20, FD-235HF-5636, FD-235HF-6229, FD-235HF-6240, FD-235HF-6291, FD-235HF-6328, FD-235HF-6329, FD-235HF-6340, FD-235HF-6391, FD-235HF-6429, FD-235HF-6440, FD-235HF-6491, FD-235HF-6529, FD-235HF-6540, FD-235HF-6591, FD-235HF-6573, FD-235HF-6591, FD-235HF-6700, FD-235HF-6713, FD-235HF-6826, FD-235HF-7229, FD-235HF-7240, FD-235HF-7278, FD-235HF-7291, FD-235HF-7325, FD-235HF-7329, FD-235HF-7339, FD-235HF-7340, FD-235HF-7373, FD-235HF-7383, FD-235HF-7391, FD-235HF-7429, FD-235HF-7440, FD-235HF-7491, FD-235HF-7527, FD-235HF-7529, FD-235HF-7540, FD-235HF-7575, FD-235HF-7584, FD-235HF-7591, FD-235HF-7700, FD-235HF-7715, FD-235HF-8229, FD-235HF-8240, FD-235HF-8291, FD-235HF-8384, FD-235HF-8385, FD-235HF-8429, FD-235HF-8440, FD-235HF-8491, FD-235HF-A114, FD-235HF-A229, FD-235HF-A240, FD-235HF-A291, FD-235HF-A429, FD-235HF-A440, FD-235HF-A491, FD-235HF-A529, FD-235HF-A540, FD-235HF-A549, FD-235HF-A562, FD-235HF-A591, FD-25HF-A700, FD-235HF-B229, FD-235HF-B240, FD-235HF-B291, FD-235HF-B591, FD-235HF-B891, FD-235HF-C229, FD-235HF-C240, FD-235HF-C291, FD-235HF-C291, FD-235HF-C429, FD-235HF-C440, FD-235HF-C491, FD-235HF-C527, FD-235HF-C529, FD-235HF-C540, FD-235HF-C591, FD-235HF-C628, FD-235HF-C629, FD-235HF-C640, FD-235HF-C691, FD-235HF-C700, FD-235HF-C829, FD-235HF-C840, FD-235HF-C891, FD-235HF-C929, FD-235HF-C940, FD-235HF-C958, FD-235HF-C991, FD-235HG-5494, FD-235HG-6304, FD-235HG-6325, FD-235HG-6351, FD-235HG-7325, FD-235HG-7377, FD-235HG-7389, FD-235HG-7393, FD-235HG-8393, FD-235HG-A103, FD-235HG-A115, FD-235HG-A116, FD-235HG-A291, FD-235HG-A304, FD-235HG-A325, FD-235HG-A330, FD-235HG-A380, FD-235HG-A398, FD-235HG-A404, FD-235HG-A417, FD-235HG-B027, FD-235HG-B080, FD-235HG-B103, FD-235HG-B127, FD-235HG-B128, FD-235HG-B380, FD-235HG-B628, FD-235HG-C103, FD-235HG-C235, FD-235HG-C304, FD-235HG-C317, FD-235HG-C417, FD-235HG-C627, FD-235HG-C628, FD-235HG-C629, FD-235HG-C630, FD-235HG-C632, FD-235HG-C634, FD-235HG-C635, FD-235HG-C6&

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