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APRO Co., Ltd, as a leading flash storage manufacturer, we have strived to provide satisfaction and meet every aspect for our customers. After a long period of product development and customer’s continuous request, APRO is now launching Industrial DRAM Modules into our product lines.

Apart from the complete product line of SDRAM, DDR I, DDR II and DDR III, APRO is also introducing “Industrial Grade” DRAM products that can support -40℃~+85℃. In addition, APRO is able to support customized request such as Low-Profile form factor to adapt various applications. APRO’s DRAM Modules are made specifically for industrial and military markets; it is applicable for harsh environments and mission-critical applications.

APRO’s Industrial DRAM Modules are applied with 100% industrial grade components and 30u” gold fingers which can ensure high quality signal transfers under -40℃~+85℃. It is also suitable for any portable devices such as tablets, rugged notebooks, handheld devices and many more.

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> SLC - NAND type flash technology
> 2.5” SATA SSD form-factor
> Supports Windows-7 TRIM Command
> Supports DDRIII SDRAM cache for Extreme performance
> Support power protection by Tantalum Capacitors

HERMES-F Series Industrial Mini SATA

> SLC-NAND type flash technology
> mSATA module compatible with JEDEC Standard : MO-300A specification
> Compliant with SATA 1.0a/ 2.6/ 3.0 specification


> SLC - NAND type flash technology
> Compliant CFast™ Specification V2.0
> CFast Type I form-factor
> 7-pin (data) + 17-pin (power) CFast interface